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 Our Program 


PCC Preschool’s philosophy is to offer activities and experiences for the growth and development of the child. This includes social, emotional, physical, and cognitive stages of development. All children are unique. PCC Preschool values each child’s individuality and different progressions of development.  Each child’s individual needs will be accessed and met with the most appropriate method. 

PCC Preschool will provide opportunities to develop self confidence, social interaction, and self expression in a setting that encourages faith and understanding God’s word.


Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn through play.  Our program includes Handwriting Without Tears, CATCH PE, Scholastic Early Childhood Program, and the TEA Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. We offer a quality curriculum that engages thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others. Classrooms include learning centers, which vary somewhat for each age level. Examples of these centers include dramatic play, books, science, math, blocks, and manipulatives. Teachers base their themes and units on relevant, understandable, and suitable learning activities for the children’s age level. Curriculum includes: Bible, Education, Music, Spanish, and Science.

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